When flavors are extraordinary, food and a shared meal transcends all boundaries. It goes beyond diverse cultures, tastes and backgrounds and enhances happiness, love and laughter. Good food is welcomed everywhere and by anyone and it has the universal power of bringing people together.

No matter what the occasion or cultural premise is, people from around the world get together to cook and share a meal with friends and family — and the perfect meal accompaniment? The taste of ice-cold refreshing Coca-Cola.

We often daydream about what we’ll be having for dinner at breakfast time and we enjoy something in a moment, purely because of the way it makes us feel. The anticipation of comfort food, the smell of dinner cooking and the memories that are created over a meal with people we love, is made even better with an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Enhance the food and enhance the moment — it’s tastier, happier and better with Coca-Cola.