Coke Studio is back!

This time bigger, better, and louder than before.

This year, Coke Studio South Africa and Coke Studio Africa have merged into one fantastic production, Coke Studio Africa 2017. The merger increases the number of participating countries from 11 to 16, and broadcasts to more than 30 countries across Africa!

Coke Studio Africa brings the continent’s hottest talent into one studio, asking artists to come together and create the freshest songs for your exclusive entertainment. The fusion of music in Coke Studio 2017 is more than just the making of melodies among artists; it’s about what we believe music to embody: culture, nationality, language, tradition, and of course embracing our unique and vibrant African sound. Discover African music re-imagined with Coke Studio Africa!

Coke Studio – Where Music Meets.

Tune into Coke Studio Africa 2017, every Saturday at 18:05, only on 

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